I’ll the be the first one to say that I’m not a massive Mario fan (but that’s for another day). The bottom-line for today is WOW! MARIO MEETS SAND-BOX! This new Mario game has taken me by complete surprise and has actually given me hope that Nintendo can create a decent, and original looking, exclusive that makes me want to buy one of their consoles.

From the very start of the trailer I am left speechless at how experimental Nintendo have gone, pulling their beloved icon well away from his comfort zone to create something fresh for the franchise. Throughout the trailer I got vibes of Grand Theft Auto, Spider-Man, Uncharted, and even Rayman.

Hopefully Nintendo have looked at the state of video games in the modern era and finally realised they need to move their games forward too. It’s early days yet but from what I’ve seen I think I can safely lift my excitement and prepare myself for a really good Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey will be an exclusive to the new Nintendo Switch and is set to be arriving on the console Holiday 2017.