Written by John Hussey

Initially I never wanted to turn this site into a sea of rumour reports, but this one particular report intrigued me. I first came across it via Comic Book Cast on YouTube and then decided to do some digging to see if there was any truth behind the report. James Cameron‘s Wikipedia page did contain a paragraph detailing what Comic Book Cast stated, with a link to ComingSoon.net which gave further insight into what was going on.

I then followed that article to the original source on Deadline, but the one problem I have with this report is the lack of any real quotes from Cameron himself. But there’s nothing to really deny that these claims are true, so I’m uncertain as to the legitimacy of this news. Despite this, I will report what has been stated, which if true, is very exciting indeed.

It is being said that Cameron wishes to return to his franchise and help reshape it back to its original glory back when he was helming it. I adore the original two Terminator films, with Terminator 2: Judgement Day being one of my favourite films of all time. So to see Cameron return, even as an overseer, would be a dream come true. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines wasn’t very good, and Terminator: Salvation was average at best.

Unlike most I actually did enjoy Terminator: Genisys and felt that it was a refreshing take on the iconic franchise, helping to reshape it for a modern audience whilst still retaining what made the original two films exceptional. So naturally I was disappointed to hear the film underperformed and its planned sequels were quickly put on hold by Paramount Pictures. But if Cameron is coming back for a new Terminator film then I will happily take that as my consolation prize.

The other major part of the report was that Cameron was in early talks about bringing Tim Miller aboard the project to direct. Now, unless you’ve had your head under a rock for the past year you would know Miller for his incredible debut within Hollywood after his critically acclaimed film Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. Though Miller was removed from the film’s sequel due to dispute over where to take 20th Century Fox’s new cash-cow, it would be fantastic to see his extraordinary talents used to reinvent the Terminator franchise.

It’s rather interesting when you consider Miller followed a similar journey as Cameron in which he gained massive acclaim through a low-budget blockbuster. Maybe this is a sign of great things to come and the two directors coming together might just reshape Hollywood forever.

Though it hasn’t been reported as to the extend of Cameron’s vision in terms of whether his film is going to be a continuation of the current franchise or a complete reboot. Despite the fact that we’ve already had a recent reshaping of the continuity, perhaps it’s for the best if Cameron does erase the existence of the last three films and just makes a sequel to Judgement Day and perhaps finally end the Terminator franchise on a high like it deserves. But I guess time will tell.

Feel free to check out the links in the article and make up your own mind about this report. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on its progress and whether or not any real confirmation is released. I’m rather hopeful that this is truly legit and that we will finally get the Terminator sequel we’ve all craved for for the past twenty-five years.