Written by John Hussey

Yet another wonderful person has left this earth. The year’s aren’t too kind on us at the moment as we now have to say goodbye to Sir John Hurt. Hurt was a fantastic actor. His voice alone was something to be marvelled at. I always felt he dominated his roles and created a clear presence within every scene he was in, whether he be in a major or minor role.

Hurt has left behind a grand legacy with his giant acting career, delivering such iconic roles such as Kane from Alien (which he reprised in Mel Brooks‘ science-fiction spoof Spaceballs), John Merrick from The Elephant Man, and Garrick Ollivander from the Harry Potter film series. Hurt also made himself successful within television with his outstanding portrayal of Quentin Crisp in the television film The Naked Civil Servant (later reprising the role for An Englishman in New York). Hurt finally made his impact with his inspiring voice for roles such as Hazel in Watership Down, The Horned King in Disney’s The Black Cauldron, and The Great Dragon in the BBC series Merlin.

For me my favourite role will always be his surprise entry within my favourite science-fiction programme, Doctor Who. Hurt came in to portray an unknown incarnation of The Doctor, known as The War Doctor, and became the tormented incarnation struggling with his sanity during the grim years of the Last Great Time War. Despite delivering such an intriguing and awe-inspiring take on the iconic Time Lord it was thought to be short-lived as his performance would only be witnessed within the 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor”. But luckily Big Finish Productions managed to produce new content for The War Doctor and allowed Hurt to expand his role within four audio boxsets.

It’s really sad to learn that cancer has once again taken someone dear from us but at least Hurt didn’t allow the illness to interfere with his last few years as he continued to push himself and pursue the things that made him happy, making lots more content for people to enjoy. I love how he remained enthusiastic and stared death right in the face without fear. He didn’t allow his morality to alter his perception on life, and for that we can be proud as well as feeling proud of all of his hard work and everything he has left behind.

Sir John Hurt you will never be forgotten whilst you live on in all our memories, and above all, our hearts. Rest in peace.