Written by John Hussey

After a long, long, long wait we are in sights of a brand-new series of Doctor Who (the last being Series 9 back in 2015). Though not much news has been revealed as to the content of Series 10, other than the revealing of Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill, Matt Lucas reprising his role as Nardole as a reoccurring character, and Michelle Gomez returning as Missy, I can now reveal the creative line-up.

One can expect by now who the main writer’s will be as Steven Moffat has a tendency of sticking to his guns and bringing back his close team (for better or for worse). Mark Gatiss is obviously coming back (though I don’t mind because I actually enjoy his work) who has penned episodes since the show’s return in 2005 such as “The Unquiet Dead”, “The Crimson Horror” and “Robot of Sherwood”.

We then have Toby Whithouse who first wrote for Doctor Who back in 2006, bringing back Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, and has since mostly wrote under Moffat’s tenure producing cult classics “The God Complex” and “A Town Called Mercy”. He also penned Series 9s ghost two-parter “Under the Lake” and “Before the Flood”.

Then we have popular Who writer Jamie Mathieson who penned fan-favourites “Mummy on the Orient Express” and “Flatline” for Series 8, before returning for Series 9 to co-write “The Girl Who Died” with Moffat. Along with Mathieson we have Peter Harness who also joined for Series 8, penning the controversial “Kill the Moon” before penning the beloved Series 9 Zygon two-parter “The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion” (which he co-wrote with Moffat).

The last returning Moffat writer’s are Frank Cottrell-Boyce, who penned “In the Forest of the Night” (my least favourite episode of Series 8, so I hope Cottrell-Boyce produces something better for this next series), and new favourite Sarah Dollard, who penned Clara Oswald’s popular swansong “Face the Raven” for Series 9.

Unfortunately we only have one new writer joining Doctor Who this year. This time round we have Mike Bartlett contributing his talents, who is known for his work on BBC drama series Doctor Foster starring Suranne Jones.

A surprising announcement came with the return of Classic Who writer Rona Munro who penned the final serial for Season 26, “Survival”, starring Sylvester McCoy‘s Seventh Doctor. Her story ended up becoming the final instalment of the original series after its cancellation in 1989.

So the line-up goes as followed:

‘A Star In Her Eye’ – Written by Steven Moffat

Episode 2 – Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Episode 3 – Written by Sarah Dollard

‘The Haunted Hub’ – Written by Mike Bartlett

Episode 5 – Written by Jamie Mathieson

‘Extremis’ – Written by Steven Moffat and Peter Harness

Episode 7 – Written by Steven Moffat and Peter Harness

Episode 8 – Written by Toby Whithouse

‘The Eaters of Light’ – Written by Rona Munro

Episode 10 – Written by Mark Gatiss

Episode 11 – Written by Steven Moffat

Episode 12 – Written by Steven Moffat

Despite Moffat promising our minds to be blown away for the two new additions to the team (which Munro doesn’t count because she’s not a new writer to Doctor Who, but her presence is greatly appreciated as “Survival” was a great send-off for the Classic Series). I was expecting someone massive to be joining the team. Maybe even J. K. Rowling or the teased collaboration of director Peter Jackson that fans have been waiting for since 2012. So naturally (once again) Moffat has promised more than he could actually deliver, resulting in further disappointment and annoyance.

Here’s hoping this year’s writing team can create a solid final outing for Moffat’s tenure and can fix the mess that has plagued the show throughout Peter Capaldi‘s time as The Twelfth Doctor (because let’s face it he’s a talented actor who deserves better writing and consistency).