With all the massive debates going on last year about the current condition of the DC Extended Universe, what with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad being met with very mixed responses by both critics and viewers, it seemed like there was no turning back from its fallen trajectory.

A lot of fans started to state that Wonder Woman was the final straw in deciding whether or not this shared universe was a massive pile of shit or not, doomed for everlasting failure due to Warner Bros. Pictures pumping the films out way too fast and without any real purpose, or direction. But having seen the recent publicity for Justice League, the film that will bring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Flash together on the big screen, things were beginning to look up.

The fears of Warner Bros. repeating their failed attempts of bringing these heroes together (along with giving them decent material, and breathing space) and Zach Snyder‘s dark, imposing vision have all but been erased and we are simply left with great promise. Now that the first official trailer has been released it seems like Justice League will be a really entertaining film, one that will hopefully be fan-pleasing. It looks really well put together, the universe itself looks more expansive, and the dynamic looks like it’ll be a lot of fun, not to mention the tone looks really well structured (a nice balance of seriousness with witty one-liners to ease the pacing).

But it’s still a little early to tell, but some promise is better than no promise at all. I for one still have hope for this series and I reckon this (along with Wonder Woman) will be the sure turning point. From there we will hopefully see a bright future for the franchise. I mean, the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t exactly start swimmingly either and took several films before it got into the swing of things, so maybe the DC Extended Universe will do the same thing too. Or it will crash and burn at the bottom of an abyss, whichever path it choses to take really.


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