Hey guys!

Just a quick update. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving. Instead I’m doing the opposite. I’m sticking around until there’s no more films for me to rip the shit out of. Basically (if you haven’t noticed) I’ve been doing a bit of redecorating. It was always my goal to make An Unearthly Critic a massive project, in which I could express myself with my very own content whenever I pleased. I’d worked for multiple websites prior to this creating content, and learnt so much as a content creator (so big thanks to the wonderful people that took me in, nurtured me, and generally put up with my crazy ideas – you know who you are!).

And that’s why I felt it was time to spread my wings and take a leap of faith (luckily my wings actually started working and I didn’t end up using my stupid face as a fucking airbag) and started my own site to do whatever the hell I wanted, when I wanted. After many months of testing the waters I’ve become comfortable enough to say, “Fuck it! We’re ready for the big leagues!” So I’ve upgraded my site. It now has its own domain (makes me feel posh). The theme is all new and shiny. And I added a load of technical bollocks that I don’t have a clue about (but fuck it, it made the place look nice).

I guess it’s like renovating your home. You move things around, tweak a few things, take a shit in the corner to let the neighbours know “this is your turf”, and generally make the place feel like it’s your domain (you see what I did there?). Don’t worry though, nothing will change. I’ll still be my whacky old-self, speaking my mind in a very unprofessional manner, and hopefully continue to entertain you guys (unless of course I haven’t this whole time and just been giving you all a fucking headache, in which case, I sincerely apologise, and do let me know so I can improve my content so it’s less shit).

Hopefully the site will continue to grow and become much larger in the process, moving the content into more unique territories, expanding my creativity and writing abilities in order to push myself to new heights. I want to get better (not just for myself) but for you guys too. So these next few months are going to certainly be fun (if a little bit shaky due to trial and error) but fundamentally I’m going to try my best to make An Unearthly Critic as entertaining, fun, and cool as physically possible.

And of course I want you to know that your opinion matters. Feel free to shout out in the comment section, contact me personally if you have to, because I want to know how to improve, as well as allowing you to participate in shaping the content.

Also, thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last six months. Much appreciated!


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