Now, this is a bold question to ask because it has two clear sides to the coin. On the one hand, it is a necessity to listen to the fans if Studios want to create a product that is blessed, but on the other-hand, you could argue that fans are just whiney-bitches who don’t know what the fuck they want.

But let’s look at the pros of this argument (just for a bit) when discussing today’s subject matter. As you’re probably well away by now, Sony has been doing one hell of a job lately at fucking themselves in the arse when dealing with Spider-Man (and I’m afraid I will be taking another jab at this one guys – sorry for boring you, but if it helps, this whole topic has quite literally blown my brains out and used my head as an ash-tray).

Sony have announced yet another fucking horrendous idea to add to their shit pile of Spider-Man spin-offs that may/or may include Spider-Man and may/or not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this time featuring a team-up from Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter. Hurry up and go bankrupt Sony you pieces of shit, low-life, idiotic pieces of cunt (but make sure you don’t take the PlayStation down with you in the process!)

It just makes no fucking sense! They have under their belts the best possible business deal, i.e. sharing Spider-Man with one of the most successful Movie Studios of all times, and yet they can’t help but revert back into their incompetent state of mind and shit out the worst possible ideas known to man (thus making them hated again). Honestly, this should be a win-win situation and yet Sony can’t help but be fucking selfish, brain-dead Neanderthals. I don’t understand! I’m literally lost for words now…

Along with this is the jarring situation concerning 20th Century Fox and Fantastic Four. They have failed to make a successful film using the iconic Marvel characters (which is saying a lot considering they’ve made three films, and two attempted franchises).

Most of you will know that their last attempt, Fantastic Four [2015], was one of the biggest fucking bombs in Hollywood history, becoming a universally despised product which resulted in a score of 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s nothing to be proud of. Worst of all, they only made that fucking horrendous piece of shit because they needed to quickly pump out a new instalment otherwise Marvel Studios would’ve gotten the distribution rights back (and God-forbid Fox didn’t want that to happen).

With the last film going horribly wrong (to which fans wanted to slit their own throats due to losing faith in humanity) it was thought that maybe, just maybe, Fox had finally learnt their lesson. I mean, it seemed like there was no possible way they could make a profit from this franchise now. It’s DEAD! Plus, who the fuck would want to go see (let alone invest-in) a Fox-made Fantastic Four film now after three failures? But (and I really can’t believe I’m about to fucking say this), there may be a chance that Fox will try one last time to fix their mistakes by releasing a kid-friendly Fantastic Four film. Shit the bed!!

What the fuck is wrong with the world when executives can be allowed to make these kind of decisions (let alone fucking think them)? So once again fans are made anxious by the possibility that Fox will do us all up the arse again as we are forced to see these beloved Marvel characters are thrown back into the grinder. They’ve been in so many times now that I honestly can’t recognise them anymore (which possibly explains why in their last appearance they changed ages and races).

This is the jarring bit that makes my head want to implode. They’ve made no success from this brand. Because of this it has become broken beyond repair. They’ve fucked-it in every possible hole imaginable, and in the process left a bad taste in our mouths. Who in their right mind thinks they can do anything with it now? They are universally despised by the fandom and they no longer have credibility. Why would you want to stick the gun any closer to your head? Any closer and you’ll be committing suicide (or maybe they already did that and failed to destroy the brain, and so now a half-dead tit with no proper understanding is in-charge of Fox – or maybe they were always like that, I don’t know).

The point of the matter is, “surely anyone with common sense would realise by now that the only possible outcome now is to give up?” They’ve failed three times, and have one of the most despised superhero films under their belt (making Batman & Robin look like an Oscar worthy nominee for Best Picture). But no, they just want to keep carving the turkey until they can finally discover what makes it tick (failing to realise that the turkey arrived dead and now they’re just raping a corpse).

This really makes me wonder if Studios even have a clue what they are doing and only respond to the word “pay-check”. If there’s money involved it doesn’t matter how shit the product is, just get it churned-out and make the dough. I mean you can’t even say it’s a pride thing anymore because how much pride must be left at either Fox or Sony to make them honestly think they’ve still got a shot. But, then again, it appears all they need is one good score to make their little dicks spin out of control and suddenly they think their the “Sex-Machine” and every fan wants to come over and shag them.

Yes, Fox gave us Deadpool. Yes, Sony is giving us Spider-Man: Homecoming. But these little good deeds don’t instantly give them a free-pass, to which they can start pissing around again like a bunch of idiot school kids. They need to maintain the quality, and above all, listen to what their audience wants. Maybe not necessarily do everything they say because they have to maintain some credit to their creativity (or what’s left of it). Fans don’t always know what they want beyond a good suggestion, so it’s really up to the Studio to fill in the pieces and make a solid product that will live-up to fan expectation. Perhaps this is why we have more trust in Marvel Studios because they have a better connection with their audience, giving us want we want without needing to really ask.

They are fans themselves and know what they want to see is what their audience wants to see. Sure, they’ve made a few duds but they’ve more than made up for these moments with either something unexpected or mind-blowing. So why can’t the likes of Sony and Fox do the same. Why must they be excessive, greedy fuck-wits all the time, coming across like they haven’t got a clue and all they see when they move around is a dollar sign. If they really want to be both successful and loved by their audience then start listening to them once in a while instead of just presuming things, or thinking you know best, because chances are you will keep re-treading the same shit ridden path over and over again until you go bankrupt and nobody remembers you.


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