Just when you think that Telltale Games can’t produce anymore great content. I fucking love this company. They have easily become one of my favourite game developers of the modern age. They’re up there with Naughty Dog for producing high quality products, mixed with ingenious ideas, and a faithful attitude to the franchises they adapt.

The amount of detail and excitement they pour into their games, making you really believe you have become the characters from these iconic franchises. It’s such an honour to explore their take on these iconic products and how they manage expand upon them, morphing their own unique signature and gameplay in order to create the perfect representation.

Honestly, it’s almost like they can’t produce a BAD game.


“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” has never worked better than when discussing Telltale Game’s simple, but effective, formula. The choices you have to make in each of their games are grippingly exciting, and gut-wrenchingly tormenting. Every decision will cost you. Sometimes good. Often bad. You may get someone killed. You may create an enemy. It doesn’t really matter because these choices are all IMPORTANT and they make you think twice about everything you do and say, which is what makes Telltale Game’s epic instalments so pleasing to play as a gamer.

They’re filled with plenty of emotion, which leaves you gripped till the very last episode, urging you to keep playing and discovering how your fatal decisions will effect the final outcome. Honestly, I’m just excited to see where they can go next and how many other franchises they can tackle and bring to life.

And now they’re producing a second season for Batman: The Telltale Series, entitled The Enemy Within, and it looks so fucking exciting, to the point where I really can’t wait for its arrival. I mean, I fucking love Batman. Hands-down he’s my favourite superhero. And I fucking love Telltale Games. It’s a match made in Heaven (you might say). I got the first season for Christmas and it DIDN’T disappoint, not for one second. And with The Enemy Within bringing back John Doe (i.e. their interpretation of The Joker [one of my favourite villains of all times!]) alongside The Riddler and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece waiting to happen.

Batman The Enemy Within 2

Without a doubt I’m extremely excited (if you couldn’t already guess) and I just wanted to share this trailer with you, and hopefully you’ll join me in the excitement too. Needless to say when I get my copy of “Episode 1: The Enigma” I’ll be doing a review on it, and same goes for each episode until the season’s conclusion. And of course I’ll replay Batman: The Telltale Series within the upcoming weeks (just to get myself ready) and I will give you my verdict on that too.

Hopefully I make the right decisions, but knowing Telltale Games they’ll be plenty of curve-balls heading my way just to make my journey as The Dark Knight that bit more conflicting.


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