Hi guys!

Sorry that I haven’t written anything in nearly a month. That’s because I’ve been on holiday. Two week vacation in fact with my partner. Apologises for not announcing this event prior to me leaving last month but my mind wasn’t exactly in the best state of mind.

As you may have noticed last month my release schedule became none existent and this was down to my personal health problems (which I want to be frank about with you guys in order to move forward). Don’t worry, I’m not dying, nor suffering from any serious terminal illness. I won’t bore you with too much detail, but I will say that the health problems I’m faced with affect every corner of my life, both work and personal. This means there’s no escaping from it!

This has been an ongoing problem now for many years, to which may even be something that has plagued me all of my life but was simply unaware of it until now. It’s something that fluctuates, but always returns to cause me psychological pain, to the point were I actually don’t know how to respond, and it often leads to many emotional issues, including depressive thoughts.

There have even been times over the last five years were my health problems have led to social problems, to which my own relationship with my partner has been affected (and is still affected to this day). It’s a troubling matter, one that has so many implications and wide-spread affects that help to damage my life in one way or another, thus preventing me having a normal existence where I can just plan ahead and operate accordingly.

I will stress that I’m probably making this sound worse than what it is, but on a personal level to myself it is a big deal, one that I hope to start solving soon. One of the biggest problems I have at the minute is money. I am facing major financial problems where I’m basically dependent on my partner’s wages (thus she has to work long hours [often leading us to be apart a lot of the time – not helped by the fact that we’re still not living together] whilst I feel guilty about not being able to work and support her financially as she does me) and the little money left in my savings.

This is where my work ethic has been damaged because I really enjoy writing. The sole reason for setting up An Unearthly Critic was to expand my writing capabilities and reach new heights, hopefully giving myself a chance of furthering my chances of achieving some sort of career within the creative field. But, when you’re constantly working on something and not gaining much back, whether that be finance, support, or genuine respect for what you’re working your arse out on, then you get to the point where you question why it’s even worth doing anymore.

But I didn’t want to be defeated, nor did I want to give up my dream. And I shouldn’t. That’s why I’ve allowed myself to reflect on things and hopefully give things another try. But I can’t do this alone. I need your support. To anyone that reads my articles, pops onto my site, supports and follows the site, please give your support. Whether this be commenting in the comment section to give me feedback or just express your interest in my work, that’s all I ask.

I’ll be honest in saying I still don’t fully know how to run my own website and so support is greatly needed at this point, especially if I am to be successful. I don’t know how far I can go but I want to achieve some sort of reward for all my hard work, and if that means turning this into some sort of workable job where I can get paid, then great.

I’d love nothing more than to earn money for doing the thing I love, but it goes deeper than that. It’s about entertainment, and progressing something that is interesting and gets people to interact. I love starting up conversations and beginning well thought-out discussions and getting a good old debate going about why we like, or dislike, our favourite products.

So for that I’d love the site to grow as a community, expanding the number of people who come to the site, beginning fun and interesting topics, perhaps joining in on polls, and even contributing to the site through writing their articles in order to express brand-new views on topics and products. Who knows, the possibilities are endless, and that’s the exciting part.

So, yeah, apologises for rambling once again but I just wanted to welcome myself back with some honest insight. And from this little speech I hope we begin a brand-new community. I hope we can develop something here on An Unearthly Critic. Create something special and keep on expanding. I’d love nothing more than to produce a place where we can all go to in order to just relax and express ourselves.

But like I said, I can’t do this alone anymore. I require your help. Please share and support the site. Any little bit of help would be most appreciative and in return I will keep on giving and making An Unearthly Critic a better experience for you, filled to the brim with new and exciting content and new means of interacting with all you wonderful and creative people out there.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you soon.

Peace out!


Here’s a heads-up about my next bit of content. I thought it be would neat, and different, to express my thoughts on my two week holiday. I won’t say where the destination is just yet, but all I will say is there’s going to be some amazing content coming your way filled to the brim with exciting experiences. Can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.


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