Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t written an article since November. Things became really bad with my mental illness, to the point where I just started to break down really. I was battling to try and find some form of salvation through getting professional help and receiving some form of income until I was in a state that I could physically work without fear of my mind working against me.

As of yet I’m still waiting on help, and I’m currently scrabbling to find a source of income, so you can imagine how I must feel right: lost, frightened, useless, worthless even, as well as unsatisfied with how my life is currently going. I’m 25 years-old and I just seem to be going nowhere because my own mind is holding me back through extreme cases of anxiety, constant worrying, low self-esteem, little-to-no confidence, as well as suffering from depression as a cruel side-effect.

My biggest concern is supporting my partner, who is currently working her arse off in order to give us some kind of income, but even that’s not enough to support us and get us a home so we can finally live together. Yeah, we’re both still living with our parents. How humiliating right? It’s just bad luck, after bad luck, without any form of silver-lining.

But, I’m willing to try one last attempt to use what’s left of my positivity in order to start afresh with my whole writing project. I attempted to rework this site in order to reformat it for the fresh start, but it just wasn’t going the way I hoped, so after much consideration I decided to just start from scratch, opening up a brand-new website through WordPress. Sure, I’ve now lost all the perks I had with this upgraded website, but that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is picking up the pieces and beginning a new chapter with my life.

So, basically what this means is An Unearthly Critic is done. It’s the end. I will no longer be adding content to this website and it will serve merely as a back-catalogue for anyone interested in viewing my previous work. Taking its place will be my brand-new banner, Infinite Nitpicker, which I felt was a more original name and will be much easier to establish across the internet. Things won’t be too different in terms of content but I will be adding [which I’ve wanted to do for a long time now] is a connected YouTube channel that will work alongside the website aspect, thus building a multi-media project that I hope will continue to expand beyond just doing reviews and discussions. But it’s early days yet…

I really to make sure that before I left I thanked all those who have supported me this last year, and at least let them know what has become of this site. I do, however, have one last favour to ask: continue to support me. Find me at www.infinitenitpicker.wordpress.com and join me as I move forward with my project. I’m not afraid to ask for help anymore, because I know right now [in my current condition] I need all the help I can get and your support would really mean a lot to me.

Like my articles, leave a comment, share them across the internet, tell your friends, find my YouTube channel [when it’s eventually underway], and above all just let me know what you think because your feedback will help me move forward. Aid me in building Infinite Nitpicker and making it a great community where Movie lovers, and Gamers can come to have a fun discussion.

Thank you 😉



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